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Join me as I weave together the tastes and tales of our world, dedicating my journey to uncovering the rich stories behind every dish.

Welcome! I’m Mandy Henry, a storyteller at heart with a penchant for the culinary world.

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My writing career has taken me on an incredible journey through diverse cultures and their culinary landscapes, allowing me to share not just meals, but the stories that make them memorable. With a background rich in freelance writing and a spirit driven by curiosity, I’ve dedicated myself to exploring and documenting the world of food, from local hidden gems to global dining phenomena. Join me as we discover the flavors and stories that bind us together.





My Journey: The Flavorful Path
How I Turned My Love for Stories and Snacks into a Career

Ever since I was little, I’ve had a thing for stories and, well, eating. Who would’ve thought these two loves could actually carve out my career path? My fascination with words led me to a degree in journalism, and my insatiable appetite (pun intended) pulled me into the world of culinary exploration. It wasn’t just about trying new foods; it was about diving into the stories behind them—the traditions, the innovations, the failures, and successes. My backpacking trips during college, where I survived on a shoestring budget and an adventurous spirit, turned out to be the real classroom. There, among street food stalls and family-owned cafes, I found my calling.

Why I Write: Digging Deeper Than the Dish

Writing for me is like sitting down to a good meal with friends—it’s all about sharing and connecting. Sure, I could tell you about the technical perfection of a dish, but what really gets me going is the story behind it. Why does the chef use that specific ingredient? What’s the history of this recipe? I’ve always been a bit of a detective at heart, and now, my investigations uncover the soul of the kitchen.

From scribbling notes in my worn-out journal in dimly lit restaurants to interviewing chefs who pour their lives into their food, every story is a piece of a bigger puzzle about humanity and connection. This is why I write—to share these discoveries, these moments of truth and beauty, with you.